Recording Studio open, but...

Good news! Due to the easing of COVD-19 restrictions, the recording studio is now open, with social distancing measures in place. However, we've decided to trial a new approach for the studio - focusing on just recording.

This means the practice room will unfortunately remain closed and the studio will be open for recordings only.

Doing this will allow me to keep the drum kit, guitar amps, bass amp and keyboards miked up and ready to record at the drop of a hat, greatly reducing setup time for recording sessions.

Keeping the studio for recordings only will make it more cost effective to come into the studio and record, because everything is ready to go. No more paying for hours of setup.

If you want to come and record a full album or even knock out a set of songs for a kick-arse demo (recorded live and mixed) in 3-4 hours ($300-$400), give me a call on 4035 6095 or drop me an email at


Cairns' premier recording studio

Cairns' premier recording studio

Located in the heart of beautiful Cairns, North Queensland, Australia, is Purple Sound Recording Studios.

Purple Sound Recording Studios is one of Cairns' largest Pro Tools HD recording facilities. Purple Sound can cater for all types of recording projects from rock bands, soloists, acoustic artists, orchestral, choirs, dance, hip hop, RnB, trance, and anything else in between.
The largest recording studio in CairnsBuilt within a warehouse, there is plenty of space to move, with a full featured kitchen (complete with complimentary coffee, tea and biscuits), a chill out lounge area with TV and Playstation 2, CD's and music magazines, bathroom, shower and toilet; we are even in the process of sourcing and installing an arcade machine. So you'll never be bored while your other band members are recording their tracks. The facility is professionally sound proofed and airconditioned so you can be assured of complete privacy and comfort whilst recording your next project.
With the studio being in an industrial area, means you can turn the volume up to 11.
Guitar heavenWe have a large range of instruments from electrics guitars, full drum kit, acoustic guitars, bass guitar, Marshall JCM900 valve & CMG guitar amps, Roland and Yamaha synths and keyboards plus heaps of percussion instruments to add those special finishing touches.
Full drum kit ready to record

What services do we provide?

Anything to do with sound, we can handle.
Here is a list of just some of the things we can help you with:

  • Band recordings
  • Soloist recordings
  • Acoustic recordings
  • Dance/Trance/RnB
  • Singles, Albums or Demos - Production and Engineering
  • Voiceovers for commercials (TVC's and Radio)
  • Radio Jingles
  • Composing and writing
  • Band practice room
  • Backing tracks
  • Orchestral recordings
  • Singing groups and choirs
  • Instrumental recordings
  • Mixing of existing recordings
  • Cleaning up old scratchy recordings
  • Home recordings from tape to CD
  • We can also create a website to help showcase your music


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